My soundchip / Chiptunes are mostly composed using chiptrackers such as Megatizer or Maximyzer lately,
on ATARI ST ( 35 years old cool computer because for his great community )


Overwrite Mistakes

Done with Maxymiser 1.5.3 for ATARI ST for Sillyventure 2020+1
4:22 minutes of music, 20 520 bytes (ice packed)
2 old tunes made for abandoned prods in one,
5 YM & SID instruments
No DMA or STe Digit
2 fuc’… file overwrite dys-tiredness errors…
Too much time lost with my stupid careless mistakes…
No more wish to make the same work again to polish it…
So here it is in its previous version.

Respects 2 to the very talented ULTRASYD ( RIP ).

H Chip experiment

MaxYMiser music for an Atari demo presented at Sillyventure 2k13 (2013)

SND in ZIP file

The goblin’s worm

a maxYMiser music for an unfinished Atari ST demo (2018)

SND in ZIP file

No Extra crime : murder & inquire

Unfinished maxYMiser music for an Atari demo with gfx fx synchro ambiant sound (2014)

SND in ZIP file

Max 1st try

a loosy (2016) maxYMiser music

^This chiptune is is not a soundchip, more a soundtrack with chip sounds.

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