My sequenced music were mostly composed on PC with high level sequencer softwares (DAW).

In common audio FLAC & MP3 format, i’ve hosted most of them on Soundcloud.

I’ve used / tried different free DAW like LMMS, Krystal Audio, Reaper (evaluation) or Studio One free.

All musics done for fun & pleasure

My soundchip / chiptune music compositions were done on ATARI ST with softwares (chip trackers) like Megatizer by Sector One or the great maxYMiser by Gwem.

This kind of music creation use directly a sound chip, an integrated circuit designed to produce sound. 
No audio sample data used here (except very short drums sometimes)

For ATARI ST ( >35 years old computer ), it’s YM2149 chip that produce sounds.

My soundtracks music compositions were mostly done on ATARI ST & Falcon with softwares (sound trackers) like Protracker ST by Delta Force and the brilliant Graoumph Tracker by Laurent de Soras.

Most of them use only 4 audio channnels with 16 bits short samples.

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