Paintings of this page were mainly done with old digital painting softwares on ATARI computers

Board game : Les royaumes d’YttriaMysandra (1998-2001)

Done initially for a table board game realised for a competition, finished, but not enough rated, only one edition in one of my old party game club : Etoile du jeu.
->Adaptation to a rpg game on Falcon 030 but unfinished 🙁
1260×744 25c

I’ve lost final gfx in a f**** disk crash with a lot of other work. Just an old jpg version joined by mail at that time.

Cards for Yttria (2001)

Background for cards the board game (not digital) : Royaume d’Yttria.
one more time, not final version, just rough using for example 3 previous gfx i’ve done several years before….

Like previous picture, final version lost in disc crash, this one from a joined mail for WIP comm.

Wounded Dragon (1997-98)

Pixed with Delmpaint on Falcon 30 for HD graphic competition at ??

A lot of pillow shading as usual ^^


640x480x 256c

Mister Draco (1997)

Pixed with Delmpaint and Synthetic arts on Falcon 30 for HD graphic competition at Gigafun 97


640×400 x 256c

Jester Silence (1996)

Pixed with Delmpaint and Synthetic arts on Falcon 30 for HD graphic competition at Gigafun 96

640×400 x 256c

One of the first time i’ve done high definition (higher than 320×200 gfx…) using macro tools besides usual pixel after pixel painting.

Mysandra ( 1998 / 2001 )

Graphisms painted for an ATARI FALCON 30 game, as well than some coding & a music (gtk) … not finished… crash disc …. so much time lost…. motivation lost at that time…

AAE nfio webdesign (2001)

Done for the old website of my engineer school alumni association at that time.
(not final version, only WIP founded back in a mail / attached file)

Painted on Falcon 256c

Royaume des avatars webdesign (2000)

Done for the old website of my role playing games association at that time.

Mixed of lot of my older gfx & more.

Painted in on Falcon Truecolor.

Pour la parole et le plaisir (1997 ?)

Done for my first joueb blog

Silver to gold melting coin (1995)

Just one of my first try using macro- digital paintings tools rather than pixel by pixel as usual at that times.

Hylst logos (1993-2018)

Various logos of my own pseudo ‘Hylst’.
None of them is pixel art except the first one but only WIP, once saved from degas to a lossy jpg format at that time.
Most of them were used in my older websites ( Hylst embers, Hylst little world, … )
From the last to the oldest :

Atari ST 320×200 16c – not fully pixel art – digital paintings (1992 – 2010)

The 3 first paintings were done for ATARI ST demo screens, the following for snow effect demo effect background (lossy compression version of this file… have to find original degas). The last one is very old about 1992 – plage – painted with a basic pixel painting program that i’ve coded in GFA for Atari ST called Hylst Picture Paint )

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