No Extra Torment (2021)

for the Atari ST Graphics Compo for Silly Venture 2k20 (+1)
No Extra Torment – CuTe ChiLdReN LoOkiNg aT UgLy aDuLtS

System : Atari ST
Colors : 16 Colors with restricted palette
Resolution : 320 x 200
Software used : Mainly Crack Art and ST-Paint then Aseprite for finer shading.
Details : Done for a WIP Atari ST demo with a changing painting / frame in the central part and many animations in the background and from the children.
Not really finished as long as it should evolve by parts according to the demo and motivation / time.

2048 game board & sides (2016)

Pixed for an Atari ST Game by ST Cooper / Paradize in 2016
320 x 200 x 10

No Extra Darkness (2015)
Made for Atari ST 320×200 16 colours

Done for a demo : Temptation presented at STNICC2015 by my Atari demo crew No Extra

Reheat (2015)

Realised for my biggest ATARI ST demo unfinished one more time…
Hope to find quiet time to finish it one day …

Drawed with ST Paint by Peter Jørgensen

Mother Struggling for her Children (2013)
To allow them better future.
Responsible Mother for Careless Son and Daughter…

Done mostly with Crack art and Synthetic Arts on ATARI ST, finished on Grafx 2. ST LOW 320x200x16 c
My contribution to Silly Venture 2k13

No Extra 8 colors logo (2013)

Atari ST low <320×200 8 colors

Realised for demo 0OMPA by No Extra presented at VIP 2014

No Extra Crime (2012)
Presented at Sillyventure 2012
as an ATARI ST LOW compo gfx
320x200x16c among 4096
Picture done for an unfinished Atari ST demo

Who’s going to help the police man to find the murderer ?

No Extra Logo – beasted (2012)

Pixed with Grafx2.
First logo of my atari demo crew.

220x54x16c (gfx size, not frame/picture)

DMA SC (2012)

Logo done of a very talented Atari soundchip composer, DMA SC, for a special sound synchro ATARI ST demo still not finished

320x200x16c among 4096

Dragocho : Stay Atari – Dragon (2011)
Pixed for Sommarhack 2011 as ATARI ST LOW compo competition

Colourful Hylst (2011)

My latest (2013) ST LOW logo for my pseudo.
Pixed with Grafx2.


Sommarhack (2011)

Logo done for an atari demo ( MAXIMIM VBL ) i presented at Sommarhack atari demo competition. Demo was running fine on emulator but buggy on real hardware so it was not ranked at all 🙁

320×50 x 16 colors

Maximum VBL mouth (2011)

Logo done for an atari demo ( MAXIMIM VBL )

No Monkey 1 plane (2011)

Pixed for a GFA demo No Monkey by Tomchi presented at Sommarhack 2011.

320×150 x 2 colors

Crack art used.

Bubble Girl (2011)

Aother old gfx done for Japemo about 1994, enhanced in 2011 for MAximum VBL

Pixed in 129×320 x 16 c with Synthetic arts

Atari Metal Knight (2011)

Another over dithered with no valid light source piece… started about 1994 years ago, ‘enhanced’ about 8 years later.

Used in Maximum VBL demo.



Hiny’s talkin & sprites for Maximum VBL demo

Metal V dragon (2010)

Gfx done with crack art about 1996 a little improved in 2010 for Maximum VBL.

Adeline harmony (2001)

Gfx done with crack art about 1996 improved in 2002.
Realised for Japemo Megademo that was not fully achieved, only carried out part by part because mainmenu screen loading systeme failed.


Strange forest girl (2001)

Pixed for an ATARI ST pixel art competition for Sommarhack 2001.
320x200x16c STf
Done with crack art.

FFSS Bird (2000)

Pixed with crackart for a university friend for a google app

Cybil (1997)

Sprites and board for an old atari st game coded on Atari ST

Dragon Invite (1997)

Pixed with GFA Artist for Japemo.
Presented at Gigafun 96 if i remember correctly.

I was manga fan but i’m heroic fantasy fan above all =D

I may have been from Cerebral Vortex (and Manga maniacs) crew at that time, according to the removers if i remember well at that time, but… finally not… Communications problems ^^

Bastard 1 plane (1997)

Pixed for a Japemo screen with Crack Art.


Giant otaku screen of mixed atari old gfx (1997)

A ‘giant’ gfx made of many smaller Atari St gfx i’ve done about 25 years ago, with japanimation / manga theme. Many of them were used in Japemo unfinished Megademo screens for Atari ST. This screen is used in a Falcon 030 big screen music / graphic unfinished production, one more time about 23 years ago… I was kind of an Otaku at that times.
A lot of work with my very low level of pixel art at that young time, without any way to learn from internet or any tuto…😁

Iced dragon (1997)

For a Japemo demo screen.


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