My Pixel Art graphics
were mostly designed with :

Resolution :
320×200 max
Colors :
16 max among 4096 (ATARI STf)

Pixel painting softwares used :

GFA ARTIST (<1994)
Neochrome Master / Synthetic Arts / Crack Art (<2011)
Crack Art / GrafX2 / ST Paint (win) (>2011)

Sorting :

From the newest
to the oldest ( ugliest 😀 )

Credits :

All the talented programmers / designers of these great softwares in their day :

GFA Artist : van Assche Dirk & van Agtmael Danny)
Crack Art : Jan Borchers & Detlef Röttger
Synthetic Arts : Cybernetics
Neochrome Master : Chaos, Inc. of The Delta Force.
Grafx2 (mint/win) : Grafx2 project Team
ST Paint (win) : Peter Jørgensen

Pixel art means for me pictures drawed pixel after pixel, using very basic graphic pixel painting soft fonctions.

Pixel art : graphismes volontairement de faible résolution avec peu de couleurs sélectionnées (palette), dessin essentiellement au pixel par pixel.

My oldest (apart from pixel art)
digital art graphics
were mostly designed with :

Many of them on Falcon 030 / 060 :
640*480 256 colours or 320×200/480 HiColour (16 bits)

After 2011 : Win & ST emulators

Main digital painting softwares used :

Delm Paint, IndyPaint <2005
Escape Paint, Apex Media <2011
Gimp (win) (win) >2011

Sorting :

from the newest
to the oldest ( ugliest 😀 )

Credits :

All the talented programmers / designers of these great softwares in their day :

Delm Paint : Mr.Coke / Avena
IndyPaint : Photon / Lazer
Escape Paint : No / Escape
Apex Media : Black Scorpion Software

WIN/LINUX : Rick Brewster & more
Gimp : The Gimp Team

By Digital art, i mean everything created with Digital painting softwares, not only pixel after pixel but with advanced fonctions.

My first digital animations
were mostly designed with :

GFA Artist
STOS Game Creator : by Sotiropoulos, Constantin / Lionet, François
Neochrome Master
CyberPaint : by Dancing Flame
Crack Art

Later (>2011) i used various animation softwares (win)

Some files are very short animations (sequence of few pictures)

Others use bigger softwares with a lot of macro / automatic functions (recently)

Sorting :

From the newer ( long HD vidéos with sound ) to the oldest ( short animations / only visuals)

Notices :

  • I’m partly colour blind :
    confusing colors, some shades of color are little, not perceptible or different from common perception for me.

    With time / experience, i’ve learned to workaround partly the problem (re-education)
  • Oldest creations are rather ugly 😉 -> being at these times low talented, without training / docs / experience / high level softwares.
    First ones should date from around 1990.
  • With years and internet (larger information access), i had time to evolve my technics looking at other good pixel / digital art painters, even folowing lately online tutorials ( but now i know how to do better, the problem is to find time to do again :)) )
  • At this time, a lot of them lacks ( time to gather / find them back (old disks) )
  • I’ve lost about 23 years ago a LOT of my ATARI work in an infuriating hopeless fuc#### crash of hard disk (Falcon) 🙁 🙁 🙁

You can find, like, ou comment my art on my public DeviantArt account 🙂 on

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