My productions on ATARI computers

This part will deal mainly about programs i’ve coded for this kind of now retro-computers (25-30 years old !)

Go here -> for soundtrack & soundchip music or ST FALCON graphics on Atari.

My atari computers i’ve been working ( & playing ) on :
ATARI 1040 STfSTe 4 MoFalcon 030 CT 60 CENTRAM 14 DD 160+80

I had my first computer at 8 years old, a 1040 STF, since them, i’ve been attracted by its creation possibilities.
In the first years using GFA Artist & basic, STOS, drawing, trying to code funny things, little games then demo effects …
I was impressed by many great demos, games & crack intros spreaded at that time :
I was fond of the ATARI demoscene !!
So many talented coders📝, graphist 🖱 & chip music 🎶 composer creating 💥 for fun, technical challenge & artistic expression… 👀

I was inspired but did not spend on it the time i wanted to .
A lack of documentation / communication but…
Anyway, I have to admit i was not such a talented coder 😁
A quite heavy dyslexia didn’t helped me especially in my first years, when i didn’t know how to deal with it, having troubles to keep concentrated, easily overwhelmed by blocking emotions.
Later, with time & experience, i learned to deal with my emotions & concentration.
I’ve a far better coding level now since the 20 last years.
I’ve learn assembly, C / C++, python, java, html, css & more, practicing them mainly for my previous jobs & my optronic engineer studies (on-board electronic coding).
Today, about coding for fun on Atari, i try to find time, before anything else, to finish 20-30 years unfinished old programs coded in GFA & STOS (part of asm 68000/30 lately).
At that time, i encountered many troubles to track bugs & compile most of my programs. Furthermore, at least one big disk crash on my Falcon & many floppy disk ‘lost’ on ST didn’t encouraged me to start again an huge coding work of many months.

I have to find back my old unfinished programs even if most of them doesn’t have anymore interest today, so many years later…
Demos will be my main aim : cleaning, debugging & optimizing my code, polishing my design. 😱

Today, i’ve mainly 8 rather advanced WIP ( 5 of them >25 years old !!) about coding on ATARI to finish :

1 – Optimizing screens for Japemo GFA Megademo & debugging Main menu to call the demo / screens

2 – Finishing Les Royaumes d’Yttria (1995-1998) for Falcon 030 (probably too much work with too short time now)

3 – Finishing an old horror STOS game : Haunted mansion

4 – Finishing No extra crime 128k Atari ST demo

5 – Finishing Reheat Atari ST demo (GFA +ASM)

6 – Finishing In the beginnings 64k Atari ST demo

7 – Finishing a music demo for Falcon (GFA + ASM)

8 – Cleaning & compiling Hylst Utilities pack

I would like to bring at least 2-3 modest but decent demo productions to the great Atari demoscene 😁🙄

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